Theme From “Reality Shock”

You build up a wall, you live in a shell
Postpone the real issues and then all is well
Sheltered haven’s your life, like blinders on a horse
Deciding not to decide is a matter of course
One day you’re gonna wake up
And get zapped back into the real world
One day your illusions are gonna break up
Reality Shock will have the final word.

You played with less than a full deck, loaded and marked
Poker face joker ace like an old-hand shark
You stacked the odds against me and you dealt it hard
But all you built out of it was a house of cards
One day babe, that righteous wind
Is gonna blow your flimsy…

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Hesh Meister

a/k/a The Hesh Inc. … songwriter, performer, keyboard player, beach enthusiast, perpetual transplant, aspiring cult figure.